Tips on Capturing Scenic Landscapes

Getting closer to nature is what landscape photography is all about.

A great thing in landscape photography is that the possibilities are endless on where you can go to take the picture. And it all can start with a few steps from your back door. The horizon is your limit.

Landscape photography should be fun and relaxing

Get up with the sun at dawn. The sun that is just peaking its face over the background gives you perfect light for your photo.

When the sun is going down, this is a great time for a landscape picture of peace and serenity. The sky shows it’s coloring, and you can get depth to a photo from the shadows. Shadows give your photo more of a three-dimensional feel.

When photographing landscapes, try to show the depth. Focus on elements that lead the eye. Include close objects like rocks or flowers in the frame and the distant objects.

Skills Matter Most

How to take better pictures depends on the photographer’s skills. The camera, accessories, lenses are incidental to the skills, but are also essential to possess for better pictures.

Each photographer has his/her own field of interest. While there is a variety

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