About This Blog

Welcome to my blog! Glad you found my little corner from the web. 

My name is Jeff, and I am the writer and editor behind this little blog. 

My blog focuses on my interests in outdoor adventures, healthy living, and unfrequented travel. I hope to inspire you to get outdoors and venture new paths. 

I started this site because I wanted to document my experiences so that I could look back on some of the memories I created.

Top 3 things on my bucket list now: Some more travel, spending more time outdoors, and learning more about photography.

I’ve had a lot of quality time with my children, and I still do. But now as they have grown up, I have more time for outdoors, hiking and photography.

I am fascinated by the history, culture, food, and people.

I also hope that by sharing my encounters, you will find the information you need to prepare your hiking and photography adventures.

Hopefully, I can be a source of motivation for those who go on more adventures and start taking care of their health. I write about healthy living, photography, and more. This blog is my training platform for my writing and