Whatever Your Age – You Can Start Walking

It’s never too late to get the health benefits from a more active lifestyle.

As I’m turning to 60, I’m much more concerned about my health as before. I just read the research paper that it’s never too late to start an active lifestyle to get the health benefits.

So if you have been a couch potato, you still have a chance.

For example, older adults who stay active will reduce their risk of stroke and heart disease to a level of young people.

If you’ve been inactive, you can slowly build up your liveliness to reach suggested levels. And you’ll be improving your health anyway during that slow process.

The most prominent health benefits come to those who start from scratch. The more you move, the more you get.

If you spend all your day just sitting down, there are many opportunities throughout the day to add physical activity and exercise.

Are there benefits of getting just a little more active?

Incredibly, as little as walking 15-30 minutes a day can provide health benefits.

Benefits for all of the major diseases can be affected by being physically active and exercising – like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol.

The idea would be to integrate the activities into the daily routine.

Do some exercise during a commercial break while watching TV. You can do it several times while watching a 60-minute show.

A good option might be modified squats to strengthen the legs by moving from seated to standing position several times consecutively. And move your arms and legs around while seated.

Get active and boost vitality.

Aging comes with physical changes, but it doesn’t have to mean disability and discomfort.

Many of the challenges can be won by taking care of yourself with exercising more and eating healthier.

And it’s never too late to start! No matter how unhealthy you’ve been, caring for your body has enormous benefits.

It’s about adding more years to your life and at the same time more life to your years.

Exercise tips for older adults

1 – Start slowly

If you are new to exercise, 30 minutes a day puts you well on the way towards creating a healthy habit.

Slowly increase the intensity and time to avoid injury.

2- Walk

Walking is the best way to start exercising, and it is one of the best ways to stay fit.

The best part: You can do it anywhere, and you don’t need any equipment or experience.

Make an effort to add more walking to your daily routine.

3 – Start with a friend

It can help to keep each other motivated by exercising with a friend. You’ll profit from not only the physical action but also the social connection as well.

4 – Eat well

Healthy eating is vital to maintain your energy and health. Avoid refined carbs and sugary foods. Load up on vegetables, high-fiber fruits, and whole grains.

5 – Get a night of good sleep.

Many adults say that they get sleep problems as they age, like frequent waking during the night. Develop healthy sleep habits to ensure you get enough quality sleep each night.

Why and how to go walking every day

  1. Walking is the perfect low impact exercise.
  2. There are many health benefits of going for a walk.
  3. You should get in the habit of walking more.
  4. Use a pedometer to track your steps.
  5. Walking helps strengthen your heart and lower your blood pressure.

Keeping track of your steps is quite motivating.

Looking at your pedometer and seeing you’re still a little bit away from your daily goal may be the motivation you need to head out.

As you walk, you’re also operating on your sense of coordination and balance.

Prepare yourself for hiking

If you are preparing to go for a hike, then you need to walk over rougher terrain mainly, and the sense of balance is essential.

It helps you avoid ankle injuries, and it prevents you from getting tired too quickly.

Just having a habit of going for a daily walk will help on this.


Being active is a great way to stay well as you age.

Older adults are more likely to be inactive so take steps to protect your health.

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