First time hiking: what to keep in mind

What should you consider when you go out for the first hike? What do you have to pack besides your camera equipment?

Good equipment will make the job a lot more fun, but don’t take too much when you go out into nature. Besides, the equipment must match the weather and temperature of your excursion.


Safety is important when moving around in nature. Many are afraid of bears and wolves, even though the greater risk is to hit your toes with the ax or cause a forest fire through careless fire treatment.


To make the hike meaningful, look at the goals of the hike and if they match goals of yours. For example, if you want to spend a lot of time on photography, then you might not want to join a hiking group where no one else wants the same.

It is also good to think ahead of time if you are ready to adapt to the decisions of the tour leader and the group, as soloing can ruin the journey of others.

The better you know yourself, your character and your goals, the better you can think in advance what kind of expedition and group will

Whatever Your Age – You Can Start Walking

It’s never too late to get the health benefits from a more active lifestyle.

As I’m turning to 60, I’m much more concerned about my health as before. I just read the research paper that it’s never too late to start an active lifestyle to get the health benefits.

So if you have been a couch potato, you still have a chance.

For example, older adults who stay active will reduce their risk of stroke and heart disease to a level of young people.

If you’ve been inactive, you can slowly build up your liveliness to reach suggested levels. And you’ll be improving your health anyway during that slow process.

The most prominent health benefits come to those who start from scratch. The more you move, the more you get.

If you spend all your day just sitting down, there are many opportunities throughout the day to add physical activity and exercise.

Are there benefits of getting just a little more active?

Incredibly, as little as walking 15-30 minutes a day can provide health benefits.

Benefits for all of the major diseases can be affected by being physically active and exercising – like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol.


Tips For Hiking And Outdoor Photography: Get Better Hiking Experience

Popular family experience for summer is hiking and camping. For a safe and fun hike, it is essential to have the right gear and skills.

You need more than right gear to guarantee a safe and pleasant hiking adventure. The variety of equipment is large, so for those just getting started, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Essential Gear

There are a few necessary camping accessories that can’t be skipped or missed.

The basic camping essentials include:

1 – Tent

If you are going to overnight hike, you need a tent. The most basic one is a traditional inverted V-shaped tent that is usually for two-persons. Larger versions allow adults and children to walk around inside with relative comfort. If you are camping with children, and you need more room, look for the hexagonal tents.

When buying a tent, consider these:

  • how many people you will be housing
  • the weight if you have to pack it into your camping spot
  • how easy or difficult it is to put up and down.

2 – Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags come in different sizes, from children’s bags to extra-long, from lightweight, ultra-warm to very durable.

Usually, we look for the lightweight,

Tips For Nature And Outdoor Photography

As stated in my blog introduction, the top 3 things on my bucket list are: Having quality time outdoors, more travel, and learning more about photography.

Hiking is usually considered as spending quality time. People typically make hiking trips during their vacations. And often people are visiting these specific hiking places with their friends.

During the hiking trip or any other trip, there are lots of memorable moments.

Should you try to capture these moments with a camera or your smartphone? Well, that’s a big debate.

Some say that it’s better to enjoy the moment without your phone or camera, others think that its worth to document everything you see through a camera lens.

Does your hiking experience get better if you take pictures all the time? Probably not. Me, I’m, somewhere in between.

I make specific trips where I take my time photographing scenery, and then I have tours where I concentrate on hiking without a camera.

But if you are going to take photographs, then you should create a collection of good memories in the form of pictures.

Here are some tips to get that great photo collection from your outdoor trips:

1 – Check out